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Tenshi Ventures starts up consulting business

Ed Daly to lead core group of 10 veteran advisors in consultancy space

Investment firm Tenshi Ventures has started a new consulting business with the help of TIGA director and former general manager of Zoe Mode, Ed Daly.

Tenshi Consulting will work with creative industries, specialising in digital media and games, with the company hoping to bridge the gap between investors and the development community.

"As we spoke to others in and around the investment community, it became clear that there are a lot of people interested in our industry but few who understand it," offered Ian Baverstock, founding partner of Tenshi Ventures.

"There isn't an established consulting business focused on this space that can advise either investors, or for example, people working on government policy. From here we've developed the concept and are now excited to be launching a group that can serve developers, publishers and those within the industry in addition to those around it."

Tenshi Consulting boasts a group of advisors including former Geomerics chief technical officer and Kuju tech director Jules Davis and Matt Spall, previously at Zattikka and Morpheme.

"We've got a superb core group of ten consultants and are signing up more," offered Daly. "There have always been individuals that can be brought in but until now there hasn't been an organisation with enough scale to provide a depth and breadth of expertise to clients."

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