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CryEngine 3 programmer joins Red 5 Studios

Ury Zhilinsky will take role of senior graphics programmer at Firefall dev

One of Crytek's leading graphics programmers has joined Red 5 Studios, developer of the ambitious free-to-play shooter, Firefall.

While at Crytek, Ury Zhilinsky worked as R&D manager and senior R&D graphics programmer, and contributed to both Crysis 2 and the development of CryEngine 3.

At Red 5 Studios he will take the role of senior graphics programmer, joining a team that includes veterans of World of Warcraft, Tribes and M.A.G..

"We're still a relatively small team here at Red 5 Studios because we've been very selective when choosing 'tribe' members," said CEO Mark Kern.

"It's not just about talent, it's about what happens when you put together a group that shares the same commitment to quality, community, and fun. Ury's skill and experience make him an asset that any team would be happy to have, but it's his development philosophy that makes him a fit for the 'tribe'."

In January 2010, Red 5 Studios was experiencing financial difficulties that led to redundancies and voluntary departures. However, the Chinese online developer The9 acquired a majority stake in the company in March of the same year.

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