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Blizzard's Pearce joins AIAS board

The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences adds executive vice president of product development to director line up

Frank Pearce, executive vice president of product development for Blizzard Entertainment, has joined the board of directors of The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences.

"I've always appreciated the Academy's commitment to advancing the gaming medium and fostering creativity within our industry," said Pearce.

"I'm honoured to be chosen for this role on the Board, and I look forward to drawing on my experiences at Blizzard to help support and contribute to the AIAS' ongoing mission."

The organisation focuses on supporting the creative side of the industry, and has around 22,000 members. The board of directors features spokespersons for companies like Sony, EA, Nintendo, Microsoft, Google, and Epic.

"Frank is one of the pillars of integrity on which Blizzard Entertainment is built," said EA's Richard Hilleman, also on the board.

"He is an undying advocate for quality and excellence, and brings this passion to Blizzard and all of their creative pursuits. The Academy is dedicated to the celebration of the best that interactive entertainment has to offer, and we know his keen sensibilities will be an invaluable complement to our Board."

Pearce was one of the founders of Silicon & Synapse, which went on to become Blizzard Entertainment.

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