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3DS surpasses DS's year one sales in 8 months

Reggie Fils-Aimes reveals that Nintendo handheld has passed the 2.37 million units benchmark

The Nintendo 3DS has managed to equal the year one sales of its predecessor, the Nintendo DS, after just eight months.

"In sales through this past Saturday - 8 months - [the 3DS] has outsold the full 12 months of the original DS," Nintendo Of America president Reggie Fils-Aimes told Time.

"During that 12 months time, the original DS sold 2.37 million and we just surpassed that this past Saturday, so we've got real good momentum going into the holidays."

He also told the magazine that Super Mario 3D Land has brought a whole new range of consumers to the product.

Last month Fil-Aimes confirmed that the 3DS would soon be able to support paid DLC from publishers.

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