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Zynga vet and Lionside founder joins Kixeye

Brandon Barber joins online gaming company as senior vice president of marketing

Backyard Monsters developer Kixeye has appointed Brandon Barber as its new senior vice president of marketing and second in command.

Barber joined the company from Lionside, the sports developer that created titles like NBA Legend, and that was acquired by Ngmoco in June.

Before founding Lionside, Barber served as vice president of marketing for Zynga, as director of global online marketing for EA and as a product manager at Napster.

"Kixeye is pushing the limits of what is possible in online gaming. They've moved beyond cutesy Facebook games targeting 45 year old housewives to create games that gamers can actually be proud of" he said.

"Will and the Kixeye team are showing the world that social games can engage users on a visceral and cerebral level. I look forward to being a part of that."

Kixeye is based in San Francisco, California, and has around 3.8 million monthly users. In July it accused developer Kabam of copying its Backyard Monsters code to create its title Edgeworld.

"In order to continue crushing our competition, we need to bring in the best talent on the planet," said CEO Will Harbin.

"Brandon fits that description. His track record of innovation, execution and entrepreneurialism will help us up our game as we develop the next generation of mind-blowing online combat games."

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