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Bossa head predicts early death for PlayStation Vita

Monstermind dev believes "walled garden" hardware is destined to fail

Henrique Olifiers, founder of the social developer Bossa Studios, believes that the Vita will suffer a "horrible premature death."

In an interview with Videogamer, Olifiers stated Bossa had little interest in forthcoming hardware unless it allows users on different platforms to play together.

"I hate the fact you cannot play a game on the PS3 against the same game on the 360 or PC," he said. "Walled gardens in a world where people are freely connected all the time is just a dumb idea that limits what is achievable."

Olifiers referenced Valve's Gabe Newell, who spoke out against the "ominous" rise of closed platforms at this year's WTIA TechNW conference in Seattle.

"Valve is bang on: proprietary stuff is madness, we should be moving to more open platforms, to interoperability, bringing everyone together."

"If this is not the motto for the big console manufacturers, not only will we not be there, they're likely to die a horrible premature death, the kind of which I think the Vita will suffer from."

Bossa Studios was acquired by Shine, a TV production company, in September this year. Last week, Sony Computer Entertainment veteran Yoshifusa Hayama joined the company as creative director.

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