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Sky TV launches 3D Games Review

Television's first 3D gaming show airs tonight

Tonight Sky TV will launch 3D Games Review, a programme focused purely on 3D games.

"We are delighted to announce the premier of 3D Games Review, a show which is a first for both Sky 3D and Challenge," said John Cassy, director of Sky 3D, the channel on which the show will air.

"The show offers consumers the opportunity to review some of the top 3D games hitting the market via the Sky 3D channel, resulting in a rich gaming experience for the whole family to enjoy."

The show was produced by Sky and written by Johnny Minkley and Paolo Sedazzari.

"Gamers are early adopters of new technology so it's no surprise to see that video games play a big part in driving interest in stereoscopic 3D in home entertainment, just as they did with HD," added Minkley.

"Sky 3D is the perfect platform for showcasing 3D gaming where it belongs: shoulder-to-shoulder with the best in TV and film. To my knowledge, Sky is the first major broadcaster to highlight it in this way, capturing 3D footage directly from consoles to show games as they're meant to be seen. It's still early days for the technology in gaming, so this is a timely opportunity to give people a taste of what 3D can bring to interactive entertainment."

The programme will show December 22, 24, 27 and in January.

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