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Vaz calls for discussion on "harmful" video games

MP wants House Of Commons debate during Christmas shopping season

MP Keith Vaz has asked that the House Of Commons hold a debate over the effects of video games, supporting the move with a recently published study showing that games can physically affect the brain.

"Could we have a debate next week about the harmful effects of violent video games?" he requested.

"Last week, the university of Indiana published research that showed that regularly playing those games resulted in physical changes in the brain."

Vaz was referring to a study by the University of Indiana's School Of Medicine which used MRI scan to track changes in the activity of adult males exposed to violent video games.

According to DailyTech the study was funded by The Center for Successful Parenting, an organisation that describes its mission as "changing our culture to protect children from unhealthy media in all formats," and is broadly anti video games.

"At a time when parents are thinking of purchasing video games for Christmas, does the right hon. Gentleman not think that it is important to hold a debate on this matter?" asked Vaz.

"This is not about censorship - it is about protecting our children."

Vaz is known for his strong anti-games stance, and in the past has called for a ban on Rockstar's Bully, supported the ban of Manhunt 2, and recently criticised Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for its controversial London bombing scene.

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