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Free UK guide to financers now available

Fundamentally Games releases The Financers List, encompassing everything from venture capital to government grants

A new directory of investors and other sources of funding is now available online for all UK-based developers.

The Financers List is the work of Fundamentally Games, a collaboration between long-serving developers Ella Romanos and Oscar Clark. It offers a guide to the various ways studios can secure finance for their growing businesses and their projects.

The directory includes listings for venture capital firms, publishers with a proven track record of supporting indie developers, and even the various crowdfunding platforms out there that might help studios source their own funds.

The Financers List also details financing options specific to the UK, such as government grants and loans, public funds that studios might not be aware of, and (of course) the video games tax relief. Romanos already offers loans and support for securing tax relief through her firm Altara Games, and has previously offered advice on how to do so to readers.

Fundamentally Games says the list will evolve over time, and calls for anyone who wants to add or update any entry to get in touch.

"We often work with developers who are searching for funding, and one of the key challenges they face is simply knowing which funding options are out there," says Romanos.

"The funding landscape has become complex and vast; we hope that having a directory of funders will give companies a useful starting point for their funding research."

Developers can also learn more about where to find finance at the Investment Summit, which takes place alongside EGX on Thursday, September 21st.

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