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Plarium acquires Rumble Entertainment

Parent company Aristocrat continues to swallows up swathes of the mobile market

Israeli developer Plarium, known for strategy MMOs such as Soliders Inc. has acquired Rumble Games, the studio responsible for mobile game KingsRoad.

Plarium CMO and co-founder Gabi Shalel told VentureBeat it was a "natural extension" for the company, and hopes that Rumble's experience with action and RPG games can help the strategy-focused Plarium expand into new markets.

"Our focus has been on creating web and mobile games with strategy and RPG gameplay elements for a hardcore gaming audience, which is comparable to Rumble's target audience," said Shalel.

The news comes just over a month after Plarium was itself acquired by for $500m by Australian casino company, Aristocrat, that was looking to expand into the mobile market - an strategy that is now well underway with this latest deal.

Aristocrat made a smart acquisition, with Plarium which has proven to be hugely profitable. According to VentureBeat, in August alone Vikings: War of Clans was downloaded 500,000 times and earned an estimated $3m. Not bad for a game which was released in 2015.

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