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Insomniac Games kicks off rebranding effort

Ratchet & Clank studio gets new logo and promises to be more public-facing with livestreaming from members of the dev team

Ratchet & Clank developer Insomniac Games has today unveiled a new-look logo as part of a studio rebranding effort in advance of next year's much anticipated Spider-Man launch.

The AAA independent developer hasn't radically altered its logo since 2002, but as the company explained on its blog, "As we contemplated a re-brand of our visual identity, we challenged ourselves to 'think beyond the moon.' That meant eschewing a simple logo refresh. Instead, we wanted a redesign that reflected our evolution as a studio and as people while retaining some familiarity to our past logo treatments."

The developer noted that the logo swap is just the start, as Insomniac is looking to get up-to-speed with more public-facing interactions with its community, and of course in 2017 that means livestreaming. Representatives for the studio told that we can expect a steady flow of livestreaming programming from its new production studio. "Over the coming weeks and months, members of the dev team will play classic Insomniac titles, some of our favorite videogames, and brand new games we are excited about," a spokeperson said. Insomniac will start the livestreaming activity on its Twitch channel today at 1:30PM Pacific.

Insomniac added, "The brand redesign reflects a desire to evolve as a studio. And to be bold in doing so. We are mindful of our journey to this point, and especially grateful to our family of fans who have been there through good times and challenging moments too."

Insomniac's current project, Marvel's Spider-Man, was very well-received at E3 in June, as Sony put the spotlight on the new web-slinging adventure and boasted that it's a "true exclusive" for the PS4.

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