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Oculus founder Palmer Luckey forms new VR company

Luckey suggests virtual reality companies work together to grow the market

Oculus founder Palmer Luckey has announced he is still in the virtual reality industry.

Luckey, who left Oculus in March of this year, said at the Tokyo Game Show he has a new company, though he has yet to publicly name the firm or what exactly he will be working on.

"I can't talk about my projects too much yet," he said. "But I'm still working in the virtual reality industry on some very exciting things."

In his appearance on the HTC Vive stage, Luckey was non-partisan when it came to VR.

"Don't think of me as an Oculus person, just think of me as a VR person," he said. "I've always been pretty supportive of all VR companies. Right when Sony announced PlayStation VR I did the same thing. I was so excited to see other companies really entering the marketplace and seriously investing in it, and funding developers and funding awareness and getting hardware out there."

He also suggested that VR companies should be willing to work together while VR grows and then "kill each other later."

He said: "Now there's all kinds of different companies getting involved and that's good. It's a small market now so all the companies should work together to grow the market and then they can all kill each other and stab each other once there's more money to be made.

"It's like a civilization; you can't have wars until you have multiple countries"

Controversy has surrounded Luckey since September last year when it was revealed that he secretly funded pro-Trump campaign group Nimble America which focused on "shitposting" and spreading memes attacking Hillary Clinton.

Additionally, in February of this year, Oculus was ordered to pay ZeniMax $500m in compensation after it was found that Luckey had failed to comply with a non-disclosure agreement.

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