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Microids launches indie publishing label

French adventure game publisher turns to small studios to help it diversify into a multi-genre business

Microid's has joined the list of game outfits setting up their own indie publishing labels. The publisher today announced the formation of Microids indie, part of its effort to diversify beyond the adventure game genre.

"By drawing upon the creative freedom of the independents, Microids are adding games with original mechanics and storylines to their publishing line, thus reaching out to new audiences and becoming a multi-genre publisher," the company said.

Microids Indie is intended to help developers with publishing, distribution, and marketing of their games. The company noted that participating developers will "be able to draw upon Microids' strong presence, including on Steam, as well as on their international distribution network and fanbase."

While Microids publicly announced the Microids Indie label today, it has claimed a slate of 16 titles on Steam that were released as far back as April of 2014. Among the games tagged with the Microids Indie label are Showtime 2073, Chariot, and Save the Furries.

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