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Minecraft Marketplace creators have earned over $1m

Community-driven marketplace has been a success for the Minecraft ecosystem

The Minecraft Marketplace has been operating for a few months now, and Microsoft today happily announced that the community has earned over $1 million through content for the popular block-building title.

"Minecraft has some ~amazing~ Marketplace partners, and we're continually bringing new folks onboard," Microsoft said in a statement. "We started the program with nine folks back in June, and since then have expanded our partner roster to 12, with plans to keep adding more partners. The program offers our players a wide variety of community-created content that they can safely and easily access, while also allowing the community to support one another's work and allow creators the chance to turn their creativity into a way to make a living!"

The Minecraft Marketplace is fueled by Minecraft Coins, which are used to buy in-app content. Creators set flexible prices and after a 30% cut is taken by a platform's app store, the content creators get a "majority" of the remaining sale.

There are well over 26 million Minecraft players on the PC alone. About 121 million copies have been sold across all platforms. Microsoft purchased both developer Mojang and the Minecraft IP back in 2014 for $2.5 billion.

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