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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds smashes Steam records for concurrent users

Surpasses Dota 2's player peak by less than 50,000

The unstoppable force that is PlayerUnknown's Backgrounds has added yet another achievement to its name.

Since taking £11m in its first weekend back in March, the Early Access multiplayer title has gone on to sell over 10m copies and last month, it became the most played non-Valve game in Steam's history. The only barrier was Dota 2's peak player count of 1.2m.

That barrier has fallen.

Brendan 'PlayerUnknown' Greene himself has revealed via Twitter that the game's concurrent user count has surpassed 1.3m users - specifically 1,342,857. That's 47,743 more users than Dota's current peak of 1,295,114.

It's also leaps and bounds ahead of the 151,239 concurrent users managed by H1Z1: King of the Hill, a game on which Greene served as a consultant before working on PUGB.

"As sincere thank you to all our players and the amazing team I get to work with," he said via Twitter.

We recently spoke to Greene about his game's ongoing success and the partnership with Microsoft to bring PUBG to Xbox One.