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One Gamer Fund unites seven charities under one banner

“Seven charities combined into a Voltron of altruism," including AbleGamers, Child's Play and Take This

A new organisation will unite and raise money for seven different charities, evenly distributing the proceeds of its efforts among the group.

One Gamer Fund will represent seven different charities, encompassing a variety of worthy causes: The AbleGamers Foundation, Child's Play, Games for Change, Global Game Jam, IGDA Foundation, Stack-Up and Take This.

"Millions of gamers have already contributed to the individual charities One Gamer Fund supports because each of their causes are so meaningful," said co-founder Seven Siegel. "With One Gamer Fund, it's never been easier to help some of the most distinguished gaming charities all at once."

Russ Pitts, co-founder and president of the mental health non-profit Take This, added that, "gamers are among the most generous humans on earth, raising millions of dollars a year for charity. One Gamer Fund is a logical and long-overdue next step in harnessing the bottomless heart of the gamer community.

"Seven charities combined into a Voltron of altruism. And we're honored to be a part."

One Gamer Fund has made a proactive start, with a number of initiatives to raise money happening right now. Good Shepherd Entertainment will donate 50% of the proceeds from a bundle containing all of its games on Steam this weekend, while Twitch will feature streamers raising money on its front-page this weekend, too.

The organisation is also selling branded shirts and accepting direct donations. For more information, visit the website.

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