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Mira receives another $1 million towards AR headset

Total investment into the startup sits at $2.5 million as development kits start to ship

Augmented Reality startup Mira has been backed for $1 million in a funding bid led by venture capitalist firm Greylock Partners.

Founding Fund Angel and Macro Ventures joined Greylock in supporting Mira's big project, Prism, which positions itself as the AR counterpart to Gear VR or Google Daydream. Development kits began shipping today, and the new influx of cash will go towards supporting developers.

Prism is a simple AR headset that reflects a smartphone screen onto an optic visor. The $99 price-point makes it more accessible than high-end competitors like Microsoft HoloLens.

Ben Taft, co-founder and CEO of Mira said: "We've already seen select developers build incredible experiences with our software development kits, and we're eager to see what the wider community creates now that our software is more widely available."

Prism is currently limited to iPhone 6, 6S, 7 and 8, but support with other models and manufacturers is coming soon.

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