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PlayStation VR Worlds creative director joins Conspexit

Russell Harding will now help the London startup empower people with visual impairments

Conspexit, a new studio in Bankside, London focused on helping people with visual impairments, has announced the hire of Russell Harding as creative director. Harding was formerly the creative director at Sony Interactive Entertainment's London Studios, where he created the BAFTA nominated EyePet and Wonderbook (a collaboration with J.K. Rowling) franchises, and led the creative vision for PlayStation VR Worlds.

Eirik Moseng, GM/CTO at Digiment and newly CEO/CTO & Co- Founder of Conspexit stated, "We are thrilled and delighted to welcome on-board someone of the calibre of Russell Harding. He brings to Conspexit a wealth of experience in creating and delivering highly successful VR/AR experiences. His creative skills will enable us to solve the challenges that lie ahead. I'm excited to work with Russell as he creates apps and games that will no doubt transform the lives of millions."

Conspexit is not entirely focused on games and will initially be working on mobility guidance - the company's Intelligent Assistant (iA) "will 'see the world' and utilise the built-in features of the owner's mobile phone and embedded devices to assist them with a variety of day-to-day tasks." That being said, the team does have a separate website dedicated to games that states its mission as "to create innovative games that empower players to participate in social change."

With a background that includes the aforementioned titles along with LittleBigPlanet and Miner's Rush, Conspexit said its "goal is to leverage this heritage and create games that not only challenge your gaming prowess but also how you see the world." As a whole, Conspexit is aiming to become a champion for a awareness around sight loss and for a more inclusive society.

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