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GMO Cloud takes over Marmalade SDK, plans to continue development

Cross-platform games development toolset passes to Japanese infrastructure firm, negating planned cessation of updates

Japan-based GMO Cloud has rescued Marmalade SDK from its impending demise by gaining the exclusive rights to use and further develop the software.

Marmalade announced back in September that the forthcoming update in March would be the final addition to the Marmalade Game Platform, and that all support would be ceased. Job losses are also expected as the firm focuses on games development instead.

However, the new deal, transferring the exclusive rights to use Marmalade, GMO Cloud, enables the Japanese infrastructure-as-a-service provider to accelerate the development of current updates, provide support for customers and create new features for the toolset.

The company previously struck up a partnership with Marmalade to act as a reseller for the SDK in Japan, launching in the region back in July 2015. It will continue to sell the SDK to its home region, as well as overseas markets.

Marmalade's SDK has primarily been used in the development of mobile games and apps, including SimCity: Build It, Earn To Die and Peter Molyneux's reinvented god sim Godus. It's main selling feature is enabling developers to deploy for multiple mobile platforms from one source code.

"We are very excited about GMO managing the development and distribution of the Marmalade SDK to enable our customers to continue building compelling content," said Marmalade CEO Bruce Beckloff.

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