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Watch the Nintendo Switch and Treehouse streams right here

Follow along with us as we learn about price, date, and launch lineup

All eyes will be on Nintendo tonight and tomorrow as the company lifts the curtain on its Nintendo Switch console. While Nintendo has already shed some minor details on the console/portable hybrid, we should be learning a lot more about what the Switch offers when the company streams live from Tokyo at 8PM Pacific time (11PM Eastern). Most important of all, the exact retail price and launch date is expected. Nintendo has said it will release some time in March, while analysts have guessed that $300 would be the maximum price Nintendo could set for the Switch.

Nintendo, of course, will want to let players around the world know what they can get their hands on at launch, so we will undoubtedly be hearing more about the console's initial games lineup, and there's a chance that Nintendo will also briefly touch upon some of the hardware specifications. Then, the next day (Friday), Nintendo of America's Treehouse division will also be streaming more in-depth gameplay details from some of the Switch lineup. That stream starts at 9:30AM Eastern and you can watch it all below.

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