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CCP, Colossal Order and Square Enix to speak at Ludicious 2017

Swiss conference finalises three days of themed summits

The Ludicious Game Festival has rounded out its conference schedule, with experts from CCP, Colossal Order, Square Enix and the NYU Game Center speaking in a series of themed summits.

With the addition of a third full day, Ludicious 2017 will be able to cover a broader range of topics than on any previous year. The first day, Thursday January 26, will begin with the serious & applied games summit, where CCP's Bergur Finnbogason will detail the influence of crowd-sourced science on EVE Online. The afternoon will host a series of lectures on new and disruptive technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence, with talks by Studio Gobo and Disney Research.

Day two will be focused on business, including four case studies from developers that have found success on Kickstarter: Niche (Team Niche), Jupiter Hell (ChaosForge), Everspace (Rockfish Games) and Highrisers (Solar Powered Games). As part of the same business summit, Execution Labs' Jason Della Rocca and Square Enix' Phil Elliott will offer advice on attracting and working with publishers.

The third and final day will explore game design, with talks from NYU Game Center founder Eric Zimmerman and Colossal Order's Karolina Korppoo.

The Ludicious Game Festival 2017 takes place in Zurich, Switzerland from January 26 to 28. You can read more about the schedule here, and for a full list of speakers check the official website. is a media partner for Ludicious 2017. Our travel and accommodation costs will be provided by the organiser.

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