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Dedicated mail-outs for UK publishing and retail, mobile and VR to start from this week

This week, will launch three additional newsletters dedicated to individual segments of the games business.

And each one will be more than just a compilation of relevant stories, but will feature exclusive analysis, interviews, data and information that will form part of the email text.

There will be three newsletters initially - one dedicated to UK publishing and retail, one on VR and AR and a third devoted to mobile gaming. They will come out every two weeks, with additional ones planned for busy periods and major events.

UK Retail and Publishing will launch this week. Written by senior editor Christopher Dring, the emails will analyse market trends, look at upcoming launches, feature gossip and news from the British trade, plus a range of interviews with leading businessmen and women. The first one will contain an exclusive interview with the UK head of a major global games company. Sign up here for free.

For more information, email Christopher Dring here.

The VR and AR newsletter, managed by European deputy editor Matthew Handrahan, will launch on Friday next week. These new technologies have the potential to revolutionise the games industry, but last year's slow start proved that a long road lies ahead. Our newsletter will give you the true measure of the most exciting part of the industry by engaging with key trends, casting a spotlight on the most exciting people and companies, and uniting the best of' VR and AR coverage in one place. Sign up here for free.

For further details on VR and AR, drop Matthew Handrahan a line.

Finally, the mobile newsletter is produced by senior editor James Batchelor, and explores the world's biggest market for video games: smart devices. As competitive as it is lucrative, the mobile sector offers most new developers a sustainable way to establish themselves in the industry. Our newsletter will be cover the biggest developments in this ever-changing market, as well as offering expert insight into how developers and publishers can gather large and loyal communities, ensure their game gets noticed and maybe, just maybe break into those seemingly impenetrable charts. You can sign up for the mobile newsletter here.

Drop James Batchelor a line for further information on the mobile newsletter.

For sales enquiries, contact Chris Buckley.

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