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Industry rallies behind charity for children affected by war, 11 Bit Studios, and Positech among sponsors for War Child's latest Armistice fundraiser

Following the success of last year's inaugural campaign, Armistice returns for a second year to raise money for charity War Child with increased support from the games industry.

Participants include BlackMill Games, M2H,, Positech Games, Big Huge Games, Flaregames, 11 Bit Studios, Focus Home Interactive, XSplit, and Extra Credits.

Armistice, one of the biggest sources of charity fundraising in the games industry, is a special campaign that runs for a number of weeks with support from developers, publishers, and the wider community.

"War Child's vision for Armistice is an annual event, where more and more game studios get involved and contribute to raising awareness and funds for children affected by war across the world," said the charity.

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The campaign coincides with Armistice Day and runs through to the end of the year, raising funds in aid of War Child, a charity which supports children affected by conflicts across the world.

"War Child is there to make sure that a child that has been through a conflict situation, gets back to a place of safety, a place of normality, and back to their family life," said CEO Rob WIlliams.

In 2016, the Armistice campaign raised over $130,000 in eight weeks for the charity.

"Armistice has been one of the best performing fundraising campaigns in War Child's 25-year history," said Elisabeth Little, head of corporate partnerships.

Armistice returns with a number of different events this weekend and over the coming weeks.

There will be pacifist streaming challenges, a Steam sale, limited edition DLC, and themed events across multiple games.

For more information on what's happening this Armistice, visit War Child's website.

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