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Super Mario Odyssey sells over 500,000 copies in Japan in a few days

The latest Famitsu numbers, which don't include download sales, make Mario the second-highest selling Switch software launch

Nintendo already revealed that Super Mario Odyssey is off to a fantastic start with over 2 million sold, and now we have some more detail coming out of Japan. Famitsu reports (via Gematsu) that the newest Mario has sold 511,625 units in its first three days of release in Japan.

In terms of Switch software records, that puts Super Mario Odyssey only behind Splatoon 2, which sold 670,955 copies within its first three days of release in Japan when it launched back in July. The Mario figures don't include direct download sales numbers, but do include any sales from download cards or from Switch hardware bundles.

It's pretty clear that Super Mario Odyssey led to a nice uptick in Switch hardware sales too, as Famitsu's numbers show that Switch sales jumped to 133,000 units during the week, well over five times the 24,000 units sold during the week previous to Mario's launch.

Mario's impact this holiday season is likely to be substantial for Nintendo. It's already attached to nearly a third of the console's installed base, and Nintendo is now anticipating around 17 million Switch sales by the end of its fiscal year ending in March 2018. Nintendo has been making comparisons to its last mega successful console, noting that Switch's sales progress in Japan, Europe and North America are "tracking to those of the Wii."

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