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Ubisoft Berlin to work on Far Cry

New location will initially collaborate with other studios and be headed up by ex-Blue Byte director Istvan Tajnay

Ubisoft already announced plans to open up a studio in Berlin, but today the publisher filled in details like when it will open, who will run it, and what it will work on.

The newest addition to the company's portfolio of studios will open its doors early next year to collaborate with other Ubisoft studios on the company's key brands, starting with Far Cry. Ubisoft Berlin will be headed up by studio manager Istvan Tanjay, who has been with Ubisoft Blue Byte for the past five years. (Blue Byte represents the other two-thirds of Ubisoft's German contingent, with locations in Düsseldorf and Mainz.)

"We are thrilled to be opening the doors to Ubisoft Berlin and working on the Far Cry series together with other Ubisoft teams," Tajnay said. "In the first year, we will build a core team of around 50 developers drawing on all areas of expertise. We are currently recruiting for these positions and the reception so far is overwhelmingly positive from candidates of a very high calibre."

In his new position, Tajnay will report to Ubisoft Blue Byte managing director Benedikt Grindel.

"As part of Ubisoft's global growth strategy, we have high hopes to continue to build up our teams in Ubisoft Berlin in the coming years. However, this growth also depends on the future development of funding video games in Germany," Grindel said. "I am confident that we have found a strong studio head in Istvan Tajnay, who is ready to take on this challenge. And we are bringing back part of the development of Far Cry to its homeland, which is super exciting."

The Berlin studio is just part of a flurry of expansion activity for Ubisoft this year. Since April, the publisher has announced two new studios in Quebec, one in Sweden, and another in France.

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