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National Videogame Arcade launching music festival in 2018

Masaya Matsura, Jessica Curry and Rob Hubbard to headline new event

A new festival celebrating the music of video games will take place in Nottingham this coming January.

All Your Bass is organised by the National Videogame Arcade, an organisation that aims to preserve and explore the history of the games industry, and will take place from Friday January 19th to Saturday Jaunary 20th, 2018.

The festival will encompass a series of concerts, talks and other events, taking place at both the Arcade itself and other venues across the city. National Videogame Arcade hopes to make this an annual affair.

Headliners for the inaugural All Your Bass include Parappa the Rapper composer Masaya Matsuura, who will reflect on his career during a keynote talk, and The Chinese Room's Jessica Curry, who will host a playthrough of the game at Nottingham's Royal Concept Hall, with live music performed by the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra.

Other guests include composer Rob Hubbard, known for countless Commodore 64 titles, and classical music composer Maria Kallionpää, who has been working with the University of Nottingham's Mixed Reality Lab on "game-like composition" Climb.

Full details will be made available at the National Videogame Arcade's website.

Earlier this year, founder Iain Simons shared with us the story of the National Videogame Arcade's origins, as well as his team's collaboration with Sports Interactive on a Football Manager exhibition.

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