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GameStop, Target deny cancelled Switch reservations

[UPDATE] Both retailers have now dismissed reports of allocation shortages, asking customers with issues to contact them

A Nintendo Today report of Nintendo Switch pre-orders being cancelled by GameStop has prompted the retailer to issue a clear denial. Responding to a request for comment, a spokesperson for the company indicated there was no need for those who reserved the system to expect a pending cancellation.

"GameStop has not, and is not, cancelling any Nintendo Switch pre-orders due to allocation issues," the representative said. "We are working very closely to confirm and validate any and all pre-orders of this innovative gaming system. Should any customer who pre-ordered a Nintendo Switch console from GameStop experience any issue with their order, we encourage them to contact our Guest Care team so we can help resolve the issue."

The company's Guest Care team can be reached through its website.

The Nintendo Today article is sourced in a number of reports making the rounds, but the site's own story attributes the information as "according to reports," with no further sourcing given.

A My Nintendo News article reporting that US retailer Target is cancelling Switch pre-orders due to allocation issues is also circulating today, based on a reader's news tip to the site.

[UPDATE]: A Target representative responded to a request for comment, saying, "Target has not cancelled any pre-orders for Nintendo Switch due to inventory allocations. Customers who have questions about their Nintendo Switch pre-order should contact Target Guest Relations at 1-800-440-0680."

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