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Kalle Kaivola joins Remote Control Productions as COO

Former Next Games and Rovio man joins multi-team business

German studio group Remote Control Productions has secured the services of Kalle Kaivola as the company's new COO, joining CEO Hendrik Lesser and CFO Christian Kleissl in the senior management team.

In a broad-ranging role at the new company, Kaivola will look after existing teams as well as recruiting new members of the RCP family and monitoring performance and quality across the business, which currently consists of 18 teams including an in house publisher, a gamification unit and 15 separate development units.

Kaivola brings with him more than a decade of experience, with previous roles as head of licensed games at Next Games and senior VP of Rovio Entertainment, where he worked with RCP on the production of Angry Birds Epic.

"Looking back these last few years, the game industry is changing more rapidly than ever - not only are platforms coming and going but even business models," said Kaivola. "I've always loved remote control productions' idea of a family of developers pooling their strengths, and thriving together as a strong community while staying independent. Looking forward, it is the passionate and the nimble that are best poised to take advantage of whatever the future brings. I couldn't be happier in being part of this undertaking."

"Kalle helped shaping the rcp family before even joining, when he worked with us to create Angry Birds Epic at Rovio Entertainment, which is arguably our biggest success by now," added his new CEO Hendrik Lesser, who is also the head of the EGDF. "Over the years, Kalle has not just become a trusted business partner, but a close friend - I couldn't be happier to have him now join us in a role that will improve and develop our family from now on."