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ESA calls Trump's immigration stance "reckless and misinformed"

US industry trade group promises vigilance against "misguided efforts that dim our frontiers"

The Entertainment Software Association is taking a more contentious tone with the Trump administration. In a statement released today, president and CEO Michael Gallagher pledged to work with friends of the gaming industry to fight the president's immigration policies.

"The President has set forth a reckless and misinformed path regarding our foreign creators and storytellers, and ESA joined with industry leaders to demand a better approach to security concerns," Gallagher said. "We will be vigilant in the months ahead to guide policies that grow our medium and collaborate with you to repel misguided efforts that dim our frontiers."

Gallagher's characterization that the ESA joined with others "to demand" anything is a generous one. While plenty of industry leaders did come out directly against Trump's executive order on immigration, the ESA's original statement on Trump's ban last month merely said the organization "urges the White House to exercise caution with regard to vital immigration and foreign worker programs."

Gallagher added that the ESA will work to bring "a comprehensive industry agenda" to members of the Trump administration, Congress, and state legislatures around the US.

"In the coming year, we will work with key figures in DC and around the country on myriad issues, including privacy, immigration, tax, trade, cybersecurity, and communications. These issues will affect all video game publishers, developers, and gamers and many of you--through involvement in ESA as members--are guiding and shaping the outcomes. ESA will champion the innovators, creators, and consumers who make up the video game ecosystem. We are here on behalf of each of you to defend against misguided and harmful attacks as well as supporting and advocating for elements that contribute to the continued positive growth of this great community."

Gallagher also pushed for gamers to get involved in the ESA's Video Game Voters Network, which organizes its 1.7 million members to influence federal, state, and local officials when game-related issues come to the fore.

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