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Rebellion to license 2000 AD comic brands

Game developer and comic publisher makes characters like Judge Dredd available for other studios to base games on

Rebellion wants to see more of its comic book subsidiary 2000 AD's brands brought to gaming, even if it has to rely on other developers to get the job done. As reported by Bleeding Cool, Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley announced at the 2000 AD 40 Years Of Thrill Power Festival over the weekend that he was opening up the comic company's various brands--Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog, and Rogue Trooper among them--for other game developers to license.

Kingsley told the site that the Rebellion has had its hands full with its own slate of games to also do justice to the 2000 AD characters. (Recent years have seen Rebellion focused on the Battlezone and Sniper Elite series.) He said that while the company is often approached by people looking to use the 2000 AD licenses in other media, requests for game adaptations are few, potentially because Rebellion would be seen as a competitor as much as a potential business partner.

Rebellion purchased 2000 AD in 2000. Since then, it has released only a handful of games based on its comic properties. In 2003, the company released the multiplatform first-person shooter Judge Dredd: Dredd vs. Death, and followed that up in 2006 with the third-person shooter Rogue Trooper. In 2011, Judge Dredd vs. Zombies for iOS and Android debuted.

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