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TT Games acquires Playdemic

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment label picks up Golf Clash studio to work on Lego mobile games

It doesn't look like Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is going to stop playing with Legos any time soon. The publisher today announced that its TT Games label has acquired Wilmslow, UK-based Playdemic, and will put the studio to work on new Lego mobile games.

Founded in 2010 as a Facebook developer, Playdemic has since moved its focus to mobile with games like Gourmet Ranch, Village Life, Gang Nations, and Golf Clash. The company's entire portfolio has been downloaded 50 million times, bringing in more than $50 million in revenue. Despite the studio's new focus on Lego titles, WBIE has said it will continue to support Playdemic's legacy games.

Playdemic's website says it employs 65 developers, but WBIE said the studio currently has just 33 employees.

"We couldn't be happier to bring on board such a talented and capable team," said TT Games managing director Tom Stone. "Playdemic brings a unique set of skills to complement our existing studios, and a tremendous track record on mobile. They're a perfect fit - and will enable us to take advantage of exciting new opportunities to build new kinds of socially connected Lego games."

This is actually the second time Playdemic has been acquired. The company was originally picked up by social game company RockYou in January of 2011, but Playdemic's founders bought it back when RockYou hit hard times later that same year.

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