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Rocket League surpasses 38 million players

2017 is "best year yet" but there is still work to be done, says developer

Rocket League has enjoyed its "best year yet," according to developer Psyonix which announced that the game has surpassed 38 million players since its launch in 2015.

In a blog post, design director Corey Davis said that much of the game's success in 2017 was thanks to the Nintendo Switch and growth of esports.

"We had the pleasure of welcoming a whole new set of fans from the Nintendo Switch community - a huge milestone not just for us at Psyonix, but also for Rocket League as a game and an esport," said Davis.

He thanked the community for helping to grow Rocket League Esports and the Rocket League Championship Series into "one of the best competitive scenes on the planet."

Davis also reaffirmed Psyonix's commitment to cross-platform play with a pledge introduce cross-platform party support in 2018.

"Our PsyNet Party tests this fall were a huge success - thanks again to our patient Steam playerbase for helping us out! With PsyNet Parties now stably powering the Switch platform, we'll begin rolling it out to all of our players sometime next year," he said.

That said, it's not been completely smooth sailing for Psyonix in 2017 and the staggering growth of Rocket League has presented its own set of challenges.

Moving into 2018, Davis said the Rocket League team will focus on the recurring PsyNet database outages have made it hard to log in and play, and the Xbox One version of the game which has suffered from performance issues.

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