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Cancelled Rising Thunder gets open-source release

Developer Radiant Entertainment gives game back to the community

Cancelled indie fighting game Rising Thunder has been resurrected as an open-source release, the developer has announced.

In a post on Reddit, the Rising Thunder team said their intent is "to give the game back to you guys, the community, and let you run with it."

The game was cancelled in 2016 during its alpha phase but developer Radiant Entertainment will be releasing the game in January under its new name Rising Thunder: Community.

"All of this is free, and will stay that way forever," said the Rising Thunder team. "In the meantime, our team has moved on to develop something new and we'll share that with you when the time is right."

Rising Thunder was announced in 2015 but cancelled in March the following year after Radiant was acquired by Riot Games which promptly shut down the project.

However, "inspired" by efforts from the community to bring back the game, Radiant has released the code. The open-source release will allow fans to engage in local and online play with the developer actively encouraging fans to tinker with the build.

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