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Pokemon Sun and Moon sell 1.9 million in Japan

First-week sales beat 2014's Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, but down slightly from 2013's X and Y

Pokemon Sun and Moon are off to a quick start in Japan. According to a Gamasutra translation of a Famitsu report, the pair of 3DS games have sold 1.9 million copies at Japanese retailers in their first week on sale.

That's considerably ahead of the launch performance of the last mainline Pokemon games on the 3DS, 2014's Pokemon Omega Ruby and Star Sapphire, which combined to sell 1.53 million copies. However, the Sun and Moon total is still shy of the 2.1 million copies sold at launch by the series' proper debut on the 3DS, 2013's Pokemon X and Y.

Even if they didn't set series records at the Japanese launch, Pokemon Sun and Moon are well-positioned for success. Nintendo last month said the two minimally different titles were collectively the most pre-sold game in the company's history, and it was reported last week that initial worldwide shipments of the games totaled 10 million copies.

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