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Eight Pixel Square acquired by Outplay Entertainment

Ex-Eurocom devs join Scottish mobile firm as it plans to expand into mid-core and virtual reality

Outplay Entertainment has acquired Eight Pixels Square, combining teams with decades of development experience.

Both studios focus on mobile games but while Outplay's output is primarily casual, with perhaps the most notable title being Rovio collaboration Angry Birds Pop, Eight Pixels Square is best known for mid-core titles All Guns Blazing, Cartel Kings and Raid HQ.

Eight Pixels Square was founded by ex-Eurocom developers in the wake of the long-running UK studio's closure and adds 40 to Scotland-based Outplay's headcount, which now totals at 190 employees across the UK.

Outplay CEO Douglas Hare says the acquisition will not only enable his firm to establish a better position in the mid-core market, but also form the foundation of an expansion into the virtual reality sector. The purchase was prompted by a strong year for Outplay, which reports "significant revenue and headcount growth" and more than 55m downloads for its games.

Going forwards, both teams will share technical knowledge and processes in order to fortify both studios. Eight Pixels Square co-founder Hugh Binns says that his team is working on "a 2017 title that we all believe has great potential to disrupt and further enhance Outplay's position".

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