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PlayStation 4 worldwide sales surpass 50m

Milestone achieved thanks to launch of PS4 Pro and "best ever Black Friday week in PlayStation history"

SAN MATEO, CA, December 7, 2016 - Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) today announced that PlayStation®4 (PS4™) has cumulatively sold through more than 50 million units (*1) to consumers worldwide as of December 6, 2016, having enjoyed the best ever Black Friday week (*2) in the history of PlayStation®. This includes the sales of PlayStation®4 Pro (PS4™Pro), a high-end system that supports cutting-edge imaging technology, which launched last month.

With a vast array of exciting software titles from 3rd party developers and publishers as well as from SIE Worldwide Studios (SIE WWS), PS4 software sales also remain strong, with more than 369.6 million copies (*3) sold in retail stores globally and through digital downloads on PlayStation®Store as of December 4, 2016.

"We're truly delighted that the PS4 community continues to flourish since launch three years ago." said Andrew House, President and Global CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment. "With tremendous support from our fans and partners across the globe, this year we were able to deliver an unprecedented lineup of hardware such as the new slimmer PS4, PS4 Pro and PlayStation VR. We will continue to provide the best gaming experiences available through our ground-breaking software lineup and network services, as we focus on accelerating our business and expanding the PS4 ecosystem."

PS4's software portfolio will continue to grow this holiday season and beyond with highly anticipated games including The Last Guardian™ (SIE WWS), Horizon Zero Dawn™ (SIE WWS), Resident Evil 7: biohazard (Capcom), Mass Effect: Andromeda (Electronics Arts), Red Dead Redemption 2 (Rockstar Games) and PS VR games such as Farpoint (SIE WWS) launching with the PS VR Aim controller for direct one to one tracking. The independent development community will also continue to deliver a variety of innovative new titles for PS4 including Yooka-Laylee (Playtonic), Boundless (Wonderstruck) and Vane (Friend & Foe Games).(*4)

SIE will continue to expand the world of PS4 to deliver entertainment experiences that are only possible on PlayStation. The PS4 system is currently available in 122 countries and regions (*5) worldwide.

*1 Number of retail sales to consumers is estimated by SIE. Sales data in Japan collected 2/22/2014 - 12/6/2016, in North America collected 11/15/2013 - 12/6/2016, in Europe and Latin America collected 11/29/2013 - 12/6/2016, and in Asia collected 12/17/2013 - 12/6/2016.

*2 11/21/2016 - 11/27/2016.

*3 Number of retail sales to consumers is estimated by SIE. Sales data in Japan collected 2/22/2014 - 12/4/2016, in North America collected 11/15/2013 - 12/3/2016, in Europe collected 11/29/2013 - 12/4/2016, in Latin America collected 11/29/2013 - 12/3/2016, and in Asia collected 12/17/2013 - 12/4/2016. Does not include add-on content.

*4 Title line-up differs by region.

*5 Number as of 12/06/2016.