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Sega Europe announces fully recyclable packaging for all PC titles

Building on work from Sports Interactive last year, Sega Europe introduces blanket policy for PC titles

Sega sees streaming's potential to reach new audiences

Executives talk about current industry trends, why Phantasy Star Online 2 isn't announced for Europe, and say the retro market cannot be saturated

Sega Europe names Gary Dale as new president and COO

Former Disney, Rockstar and Capcom senior exec takes on the role from next week

Sega signs Interior Night

Sonic publisher picks up narrative project from former Quantic Dream designer's new studio

Sega Europe promotes John Clark, Tim Heaton

Executive vice president roles see Clark take greater role in publishing as Creative Assembly studio director Heaton gains wider influence

Ubi's Reflections and Sega become Dare to be Digital mentors

UK studios lend a hand in student competition

Sega rounds out new look marketing team

Anna Downing promoted to Head of Product Marketing, will report to new European Marketing Director

SEGA Europe appoints new Director of Brand Licensing

Experienced exec Jason Rice joins team from Cartoon Network

Jon Rooke secures new role as SEGA Europe marketing director

Executive moves across from former role at Creative Assembly

Creative Assembly's Talented Miss Ripley

Alien: Isolation lead designer and senior producer talk scary aliens and shower scenes

Sega sets its sights on Rome

Publisher gives new Total War entry the series' largest marketing campaign to date

Sega Europe hands Sonic publishing duties to Nintendo

New partnership for three exclusive titles as publisher continues transition to PC market

Creative Assembly director temporarily heading up Relic

CA studio director Tim Heaton is Relic's interim general manager

Sega Europe admits to misleading Colonial Marines trailers

Letter from A.S.A. shows Sega's acceptance of gulf between in-engine videos and playable product

David Icke attacks Sega

Battle to access song rights owned by Creative Assembly

Sega adds support to Eurogamer Expo

With Aliens: Colonial Marines available to play, plus a Rome 2: Total War dev session

Sega's London 2012 takes gold again

Official Olympics tie-in makes it 3 weeks at UK chart number one

Creative Assembly: Refocus at Sega is exciting for us

Brand director Rob Bartholomew on how publisher is dedicating itself to "crown jewel IPs"

Sega closing five European offices this year

Euro boss Jurgen Post tells GI that Sega is preparing for the future

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