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Rising PS4 game sales drive Sony to $78.1bn full-year revenues

Game segment's operating income to take a $278.3 million hit as investment increases in PlayStation 5

Sony's software strength offsets flat hardware sales

Sony shipped 9 million units of the PlayStation 4 in Q3, down 700k over last year

Kaz Hirai steps down as president and CEO of Sony Corp.

Hirai hands leadership to CFO Kenichiro Yoshida after six years at the helm

PlayStation drives Sony's Q2 2017 revenues up to $18.25bn

Game and Network Services division saw sales more than double on 2016, PS4 shipments up to 67.5m units

Sony sold 8.4 million PS4s in Q3

15.4 million after nine months, already higher than the whole of the last fiscal year

Corporate crowdfunding might not be all bad

Sony's First Flight is a morally uncomfortable development - but could result in better games and products

Sony aiming at $4.20bn profit by end of FY 2017

3 year plan includes focus on PlayStation, Pictures, Music and Devices

Sony reveals new head-mounted display

HMZ-T3W boasts virtual screen size of over 700"

Has Sony just closed the door on the microconsoles?

Vita TV has the brand, platform and price to own the market

Sony break-up would spell trouble for games

Daniel Loeb's plans for Sony would undermine the games division - but the investor's proposals still need to be taken seriously

Sony's 4K movie streaming service compatible with PlayStation 4

Sony tries to destroy bandwidth caps everywhere with 100 GB downloads

Sony sells off M3 shares as part of reorganisation

Will boost Q4 operating profit by $1.23 billion

Hirai: Why go first with next-gen?

Sony president is waiting for Microsoft to make the first move

Sony sells US headquarters for $1.1 billion

Iconic Madison Ave. building will boost operating income by $685 million

Sony debt rating lowered near junk

Moody's drops long-term bond rating to lowest investment-grade class; TV losses and declining game sales cited

Sony shrinks European marketing teams from ten to one

Consumer marketing streamlined to focus on games, digital imaging, mobile and TV

Hirai exits role as Sony Computer Entertainment chairman

But will stay on the board in a part time role

Sony: PlayStation Mobile to counter "junk" on app stores

"It's our brand that's at risk," says European boss Jim Ryan

The Rise and Fall of Sony - Part 2

Richard Browne continues his in-depth look at Sony's failings and how the future could indeed still be very bright

Sony recoups $125m from Sharp LCD deal

Companies terminate agreement, Sony sells shares to Sharp


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