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8th July 2021

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Danielle Partis, News Editor

Danielle Partis has been working in the games industry since 2017. She previously worked at Steel Media as the founding editor of before moving on to run She was named Journalist of the Year at the MCV Women in Games Awards 2019, as well as in the MCV 30 under 30 2020. She can be found on Twitter @daniellepartis tweeting about old games and big robots.

Recent articles by Danielle Partis

Outright Games launches mobile division

Company announces six new executive hires following record revenues in 2020

By Danielle Partis

Project Liberty: What was Epic's battle plan against Apple?

Report laid out company roadmap prior to ongoing lawsuit

By Danielle Partis

Humble Bundle rolls back plans to remove charity sliders

Storefront backtracks on decision following feedback from the community

By Danielle Partis

Sony facing lawsuit over PlayStation Store exclusivity

Platform holder stopped allowing third party stores to sell digital downloads in 2019

By Danielle Partis

Gamescom pivots back to digital-only event

European show follows E3 in switching plans from hybrid back to online

By Danielle Partis

Six additional staff leave Stadia to join Haven Studios

Former Stadia Games and Entertainment GM Sebastien Puel is a co-founder of Jade Raymond's new venture

By Danielle Partis

Tim Sweeney unsure how an Epic win would impact non-gaming apps

CEO was questioned on how Epic's proposed changes to iOS ecosystem would affect dating, health, messaging apps and more

By Danielle Partis

Carry1st raises $6m in Series A funding round

The money will go towards scaling mobile games in Africa

By Danielle Partis

Epic vs Apple trial began with influx of fans shouting "free Fortnite"

Hundreds of young Fortnite players dialled into public conference call

By Danielle Partis

Sony charges developers for cross-platform play, court documents reveal

Tim Sweeney claims that Sony is the only platform holder to do this

By Danielle Partis

Fall Guys Switch and Xbox ports delayed

Cross-platform play is still on the way, but a release date has not been set

By Danielle Partis

Google and 2K Games launch open source cloud storage system

Cloud-native solution Open Saves can be integrated into mobile and console games

By Danielle Partis

Pokémon Snap | Critical Consensus

Long-awaited successor to N64 classic pleases new and old fans alike, but is let down by persisting repetition

By Danielle Partis

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick takes 50% pay cut

Kotick's base salary and target bonuses will be halved

By Danielle Partis

Wildlife launches independent studio SuperWow Games

The studio is headed by industry vet Lu Gigliotti

By Danielle Partis

Riot issues cease-and-desist to League of Legends fan project

Developer denies claims that it tried to “extort” code and assets from the Chronoshift team

By Danielle Partis

Streamer Phantoml0rd wins three-year Twitch lawsuit

CS:GO player James Varga was banned from the platform in 2016

By Danielle Partis

Respawn and Oculus documentary wins an Oscar

The short film featured in VR title Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond

By Danielle Partis

Johanna Faries named new Call of Duty general manager

Faries will oversee strategic planning, live ops across the franchise

By Danielle Partis

Humble Bundle limits charity donations to 15%

Contributions will now have two static options rather than an adjustable slider

By Danielle Partis

League Of Legends skin raises $7m for charity

Funds raised were contributed to the Riot Games Social Impact Fund

By Danielle Partis

Mighty Kingdom launches $18m IPO

Australian studio has an implied market capitalisation of $46 million

By Danielle Partis

Multiverse raises $17m to fuel hybrid gaming platform

Funding will help the company expand its digital platform and content offering

By Danielle Partis

Keywords acquires Climax for up to £43m

The company will pay £27 million in cash and shares, with a deferred consideration of an additional £16 million

By Danielle Partis

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