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NPD: US games business had its best January since 2011

Monster Hunter: World was the best-selling game in a month where dollar spend reached $1.1 billion

NPD: Loot box controversy having no impact on game sales

Despite consumer outcry, the analysis firm tells AAA titles with microtransactions still appear among biggest sellers

Destiny 2 is the best-selling game of 2017 in the US so far

NPD data shows strength of Bungie's sequel, while Nintendo's SNES Mini sold more units than any other console

US games spending fell 11% on weak software market - NPD

Switch drove hardware gains in May, but Injustice 2's success couldn't prevent a 20% drop in software sales

NPD: Grand Theft Auto V is the US' best-selling game since 1995

Market research group confirms Rockstar's blockbuster is most successful title on record

Why won't the games industry share its digital data?

NPD, SuperData and Steam Spy offer up their thoughts


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