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Haydn joined in 2017 having previously worked as a regional journalist, and a political campaigns manager before that. He is also one of the UK's foremost Sonic the Hedgehog apologists.

Recent articles by Haydn Taylor

Bernie Sanders endorses game industry unionisation

Presidential candidate says game workers "deserve to collectively bargain"

By Haydn Taylor

Fallout Shelter reaches $100m lifetime revenue

US accounts for roughly 60% of global revenue, followed by UK at 9%

By Haydn Taylor

Lumberyard at heart of Amazon Game Studios' development woes

"They're still ironing out the kinks of what it means to own and maintain your own engine," says Amazon dev

By Haydn Taylor

Twin Mirror Japanese release cancelled

Publisher Bandai Namco cites "various reasons" though offers few details

By Haydn Taylor

SuperData: US millennials spend $112 a month on gaming

Report finds 71% of millennial gamers watch gaming video content online

By Haydn Taylor

Epic collaborates with dance creator on Fortnite emote

Developer changes tact after series of lawsuits over alleged copyright infringement dominate headlines

By Haydn Taylor

Devs hit Apple with class action lawsuit

Tech giant accused of anti-competitive practices and "profit killing" commissions

By Haydn Taylor

Eight ways your games can inspire climate action

“I want to see games trade material growth for social growth,” says Fe designer and climate activist Hugo Bille

By Haydn Taylor

Cuphead arriving on Tesla dashboards later this year

Punishing bullet hell platformer joins Atari classics on in-car systems

By Haydn Taylor

Two of Korea's largest gaming firms bid for Nexon parent company

Netmarble and Kakao joined by three equity firms in bid for NXC

By Haydn Taylor

Time to take responsibility over gaming disorder | Opinion

Disputed classification is about helping people, not scapegoating an industry

By Haydn Taylor

Management reshuffle at GameStop

COO and CFO Rob Lloyd departs company after 23 years

By Haydn Taylor

Iron Maiden sue 3D Realms over Early Access title Ion Maiden

Metal band accuses developer of "incredibly blatant" infringement

By Haydn Taylor plans to enter digital distribution space with launch of new gaming brand

My.Games will continue work of parent company's gaming division in developing, publishing, and funding new titles

By Haydn Taylor

Sony Europe taken to court for alleged consumer rights violations

ACCC alleges PlayStation Store refund policy does not reflect the consumer rights protected under Australian law

By Haydn Taylor

Superhot passes two million lifetime sales

VR accounts for around 40% of game's total sales

By Haydn Taylor

Games industry being "dragged through the mud" by Belgian loot box ruling

Flemish Games Association spokesman David Verbruggen questions the motives of Belgian Gaming Commission report on loot boxes

By Haydn Taylor

Inside Station F: The grander ambitions of Ubisoft

Ubisoft's focus on emerging technology, from blockchain to VR, points to something bigger for the French games giant

By Haydn Taylor

Nintendo to halt service of two mobile games in Belgium amid loot box debacle

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Fire Emblem Heroes to be taken offline in Belgium on August 27

By Haydn Taylor

God of War reaches ten million lifetime sales

Meanwhile, streaming be part of Sony's "mainstream business model" with its next-gen console

By Haydn Taylor

Valve lets players avoid toxic people in DOTA 2, charges for the privilege

Experimental Avoid Player feature included in $9.99 battle pass

By Haydn Taylor

Record quarter for Garena Free Fire with $90m revenue

Top five mobile battle royale game adds 73 million new players, reports Sensor Tower

By Haydn Taylor

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