Xbox Series S confirmed by leaked controller

A white version of the Xbox Series X controller appeared online, pointing at more than one version of the next-gen Xbox console

By Marie Dealessandri

Warner Bros restructure suggests games division is no longer for sale

Internal message reaffirms Interactive segment will continue "engaging fans with our brands and franchises through games"

By James Batchelor

Facebook finally launches Facebook Gaming on iOS -- without Instant Games

Platform condemns Apple's strict approval process, saying it "severely hamstrings innovation on mobile"

By Rebekah Valentine

Aeon Must Die dev Limestone Games faces accusations of "endless crunch" and IP theft

Update: Publisher Focus Home Interactive is "carefully looking into" allegations

By James Batchelor

Interplay silent on Earthworm Jim developer's racist, homophobic remarks

Update: TenNapel and Intellivision confirm he is an "unpaid consultant" on Earthworm Jim 4

By Rebekah Valentine

How Code Coven aims to Elevate marginalised developers

Tara Mustapha and Karla Reyes talks us through the ambitions for their upcoming accelerator, financed by the GDC Relief Fund

By James Batchelor

Leading names from YouTube, TV, film, books and games set for Changing Channels

The new event in our Live series takes place on August 13th for free

By Christopher Dring

Final Fantasy 7 Remake ships 5m units

Square Enix RPG reaches combined shipments and digital sales milestone in less than four months

Tencent reportedly driving Huya and DouYu to merge into livestreaming giant

Merging Chinese Twitch rivals would create a business worth $10 billion with 300 million users

By James Batchelor

Trump signs executive order that would ban transactions with Tencent

UDPATE: White House reportedly confirms this will not affect Tencent-related games firms, only WeChat

By Rebekah Valentine

Apple blocking Project xCloud and Stadia because it can't review every game

UPDATE: Microsoft responds, accusing Apple of "consistently treating gaming apps differently"

By James Batchelor

The Gaming Stadium goes public on the Toronto Stock Exchange

Esports firm raised $1.58 million CAD in its IPO to fund online tournament expansion

Voltage Entertainment ends writers strike with new pay deal

Lovestruck writers will return to work after securing a deal that almost doubles their pay

By Matthew Handrahan

Sugar rush financials don't mean we've dodged the COVID bullet | Opinion

Publishers are reporting record revenues -- but the industry isn't “recession-proof” and there's pain to come down the line

By Rob Fahey

Enthusiast Gaming acquires Omnia Media in $11.2m deal

Transaction brings Omnia into group with Destructoid, Nintendo Enthusiast, the Escapist, and others

By Rebekah Valentine

DrDisrespect makes streaming return on YouTube

YouTube says it did not reach out or encourage him to do so

By Rebekah Valentine

Hitman 3 is coming to PSVR

Hitman and Hitman 2 maps and missions will also be available in VR

Big Run Studios raises $5.25m in seed investment

In total, the mobile studio has raised over $6.6 million to date

By Rebekah Valentine

MapleStory, Dungeon&Fighter in Korea drive Nexon to record Q2

Dungeon&Fighter updates still aren't sticking the landing in China, though

By Rebekah Valentine

US Army to reinstate its Twitch viewers banned for "harassing and degrading behavior"

Users were banned from the esports channel in droves last month for asking about the United States' history of war crimes

By Rebekah Valentine

StreamElements creates $100,000 Creator Diversity Fund

Initiative will give pro-level custom livestreaming graphics and support to content creators from underrepresented groups

Elder Scrolls Online and Doom Eternal getting free next-gen upgrades

Bethesda commits to free upgrades for any current-gen titles brought to Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5

Games Education Summit goes virtual on September 8th

Education event for the UK market to discuss the threats, changes and opportunities created by COVID-19 and Brexit

By Christopher Dring

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