Fortnite was Europe's most played Switch game of 2018

World-conquering battle royale consumes more hours than Pokémon, Mario and Zelda

By James Batchelor

Keywords Studios backs Marketing Summit

The firm will showcase its marketing services at UK conference and networking event

By GamesIndustry Staff

UK Charts: New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe takes No.1 in quiet week

Little movement in the Top 10 as retail awaits bigger Q1 releases

By James Batchelor

Verizon reportedly also testing cloud game streaming service

Verizon Gaming already running, set for private trial through Google Play this month

By Rebekah Valentine

Epic Games store establishes new refund policy

Previous contact form request system amended to unlimited refunds under 14 days, two hours played

By Rebekah Valentine

Ex-Gearbox lawyer, CEO Randy Pitchford enter legal battle over contract violations, corporate irresponsibility

Wade Callender accuses Pitchford of receiving secret $12 million bonus from Borderlands, other allegations involving potential underage pornography

By Rebekah Valentine

Improbable says Unity putting devs in a "farcical situation"

Cloud platform company criticizes engine maker for suggesting devs can keep using SpatialOS when Improbable isn't permitted to provide proper support

By Brendan Sinclair

Media Create: Nintendo begins 2019 strong in Japan

Super Smash Bros., Mario Party, and Pokemon aid sale of nearly 200k Switches in Japan for the first week of the year

By Rebekah Valentine

UK industry braces for no-deal Brexit

How developers, publishers and more are preparing for the worst following next week's vote

By James Batchelor

World Health Organization and ESA meet to discuss gaming disorder diagnosis

UPDATE: UKIE and ISFE also urged WHO to "reconsider the mounting evidence" during formal dialogue last month

By Rebekah Valentine

Blizzard extends Chinese publishing agreement with NetEase

The deal covers World of Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch, will last until January 2023

Mike Morhaime fully departs Blizzard this April

Long-serving exec is currently in advisory role, but will give up these responsibilities later this year

By James Batchelor

Free-to-play shutdowns risk a consumer backlash in 2019 | Opinion

Aggressive closures of underperforming free-to-play games has resulted in more virtual “property” being destroyed -- a backlash is looming

By Rob Fahey

Epic, Improbable team up for $25 million fund to bring SpatialOS developers to "more open engines"

Saga of Unity, Improbable, and SpatialOS continues as Epic opens door to developers "left in limbo" by terms of service changes

By Rebekah Valentine

Unity explains Improbable license revocation, says SpatialOS creator's claims "incorrect"

Update: SpatialOS devs are safe, Improbable calls for "code of conduct" in development ecosystem

By Rebekah Valentine

Bungie breaks from Activision to publish Destiny on its own

Activision to "increase focus on own IP projects" as Bungie transitions to self-publishing

By Rebekah Valentine

God of War, Marvel's Spider-Man lead nominations for 22nd annual DICE Awards

Red Dead Redemption 2, Return of the Obra Dinn also see numerous mentions

By Rebekah Valentine

Amazon reportedly developing its own game streaming service

Company already in talks with publishers, but service wouldn't be ready until 2020 at the earliest

By Rebekah Valentine

Changes to Unity terms of service are "insanity" says Improbable CEO

Devs share concerns with about how changes could spell the end for their in-development projects

By Haydn Taylor

"Just being around for a long time is really valuable"

DLC: Wandersong's Greg Lobanov talks about his path from unknown to IGF nominee, Frank Gibeau shares Zynga's stance on loot box odds disclosure, and Will Wright says kids have a new notion of privacy

By Brendan Sinclair

SpatialOS games under threat as Unity revokes Improbable's license

Update: Spilt Milk Studios brings Lazarus back at least temporarily, while Bossa's Worlds Adrift is "operating as normal"

By Matthew Handrahan

THQ Nordic acquires Outcast IP from Appeal Studios

Action title was first published in 1999 by Infogrames

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