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PUBG Corporation invests $10m in venture capital firm

Player Unknown's Battlegrounds developer "looking to foster the next generation of video game developers around the world"

PUBG Corporation has today announced a $10 million investment in venture capital firm 1Up Ventures.

This money represents an inaugural investment for 1Up Ventures, which was founded in 2019 by former Microsoft executive Ed Fries.

Established with the goal of building a "diverse and inclusive global community of independent game developers," 1Up Ventures' portfolio includes indie studios such as Playable Worlds and Funomena.

"With our investment in 1Up Ventures, PUBG Corporation is looking to foster the next generation of video game developers around the world," said CEO Chang Han Kim.

"A vibrant and diverse indie community benefits the entire industry. PUBG grew from a spirit of independence and collaboration, so we are proud to support a fund like 1Up Ventures to help create a sustainable path and environment for the industry-changing games and developers of tomorrow."

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