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Haydn joined in 2017 having previously worked as a regional journalist, and a political campaigns manager before that. They are also one of the UK's foremost Sonic the Hedgehog apologists.

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Traplight closes €8m investment round

Finnish mobile dev to focus on live-service development of latest title, Battle Legion

By Haydn Taylor

EA developing an addiction to executive overpay, says investment group

CtW Investment Group launches shareholder campaign against publisher, highlights "complete fallacy" of above-ordinary compensation as a motivator

By Haydn Taylor

Former Bungie boss says deal with Activision "not a marriage made in heaven at all"

"We knew it was a risk right from the get go, and it turned out to be exactly as bad as we thought it to be," says Marty O'Donnell

By Haydn Taylor

Since launching four years ago today, Pokémon Go has grossed $3.6bn

Despite global lockdown, Niantic's location-based mobile game is on track for another record year

By Haydn Taylor

Naughty Dog condemns abusive fan response to The Last of Us 2

Creative director Neil Druckman and voice actor Laura Bailey receive death threats and abuse over game's narrative decisions

By Haydn Taylor

Overcoming the "ugly necessity" of scaling back inactive teams

Matchmaking platform SupplyDrop aims to connect studios that have too many developers with those that have too few

By Haydn Taylor

Confederate flag and other "notorious iconography" banned in Forza

Anti-police brutality phrases such as a ACAB and FTP also banned

By Haydn Taylor

Global games market value to reach $159bn in 2020

Revenue and audience growth booms in Africa, Middle East, and Latin America

By Haydn Taylor

Ubisoft and Insomniac face allegations over mistreatment of women

Update: "We must do better," says Ubisoft, hires external consultants to clean house

By Haydn Taylor

Twitch will issue permanent suspensions to abusers on its platform

Investigation is ongoing as Twitch takes additional steps to combat abuse and hate within its communities

By Haydn Taylor

Avast finds 17 Trojan gaming apps still available on Google Play

Online security firm reported 47 Trojan gaming apps to Google, which have been downloaded 15 million times

By Haydn Taylor

Microsoft makes $250,000 donation for Pride Month

"A dialogue can lead to understanding, and understanding can lead to change," says tech giant

By Haydn Taylor

Industry's abuse problem brought into focus by latest wave of allegations

Less than a year since high profile industry figures named, dozens of streamers, influencers and developers called out for abusive behaviour

By Haydn Taylor

Magic Leap's lawsuit against competitor Nreal thrown out of court

"From the beginning we've firmly stated that Magic Leap's claims against Nreal are meritless," says Nreal founder

By Haydn Taylor

Class action lawsuit brought against Apple over loot boxes

Loot boxes are indisputably gambling under California law, argues 100-member lawsuit

By Haydn Taylor

Valve looks to stem tide of racist bots in Team Fortress 2

After months of inaction, Valve quietly works to "mitigate the use of new and free accounts for abusive purposes"

By Haydn Taylor

New mobile publisher ChargeUp Games looks to shake up the "broken model"

Mobile Games Partners and Digital Development Management partner to establish "new breed" of mobile publisher

By Haydn Taylor

New Zealand games industry shrunk 9% in 2019

Rebound expected as next gen console releases loom and subscription service revenue climbs

By Haydn Taylor

The chicanery of Penguin Cretins

Valve maintains its signature silence as wayward developers code-swap games on Steam, leaving users frustrated and confused

By Haydn Taylor

Ziggurat Interactive acquires BloodRayne and other Majesco licenses

Retro publisher working with BloodRayne dev to revive franchise

By Haydn Taylor

Riot Games exec Ron Johnson resigns following inflammatory George Floyd Facebook post

Johnson exercised "really poor judgement" says Riot CEO Nicolo Laurent

By Haydn Taylor

Luckbox closes $3.8m investment round

Esports betting platform prepares to go public after turnover increases 13 times since March

By Haydn Taylor

Eight startups join season five of Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Lab

Blockchain remains key focus of gaming giant's efforts to "transform the entertainment industry"

Activision Blizzard shareholders upset over CEO Bobby Kotick's compensation

Publisher defends Kotick's pay despite his “apparent failure” to meet performance targets

By Haydn Taylor

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