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8th July 2021

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Haydn Taylor, Senior Staff Writer

Haydn joined in 2017 having previously worked as a regional journalist, and a political campaigns manager before that. They are also one of the UK's foremost Sonic the Hedgehog apologists.

Recent articles by Haydn Taylor

Capturing the Spanish Golden Age in Puerto Viejo

"One could say I wrote fan-fiction with characters from the Spanish Golden Age,” says Bocata Games' Sara Calzada

By Haydn Taylor

Nvidia nerfs cryptocurrency mining capabilities on newest graphics card

Hardware manufacturer releases new line of mining GPUs to avoid repeated graphic card shortages

By Haydn Taylor

Paradox reveals new subscription service for Crusader Kings 2

"This is an affordable way for players to experience the entire Crusader Kings 2 catalogue," says spokesperson

By Haydn Taylor

WallStreetBets agitator Keith Gill faces class action lawsuit over Gamestop Reddit Rally

YouTuber known as Roaring Kitty accused of "deceitful and manipulative conduct"

By Haydn Taylor

Post-IDFA Alliance forms to prepare for Apple privacy changes

Alliance launches new information and support hub to help support companies amid mobile industry upheaval

By Haydn Taylor

Instant mobile game platform Artie raises $10m seed fund

Backed by Zynga and YouTube founders, Artie aims to change the way mobile games are distributed and played

By Haydn Taylor

Coalition for App Fairness behind North Dakota bill against Apple

Money from the organisation co-founded by Epic Games paid for lobbyists to introduce new bill into state senate

By Haydn Taylor

Supercell posts solid profits, despite fifth straight year of revenue decline

Finnish gaming giant's philosophy of “slow growth” still brings in €1.30 billion revenue and €407 million profit for 2020

By Haydn Taylor

Microsoft launches gaming accessibility testing platform for developers

Industry-first platform uses updated Xbox Accessibility Guidelines to help developers make games more accessible

By Haydn Taylor

Making weirdness work: The sun-drenched horror of Paradise Killer

Kaizen Game Works' Phil Crabtree discusses class struggle, city pop and madness from beyond the stars

By Haydn Taylor

Standing on the shoulders of Riot Grrrl: Story Juice and punk feminism in games

“When you can't see your stories and perspectives in an industry, then you have to put them there,” says studio founder Dr Hannah Wood

By Haydn Taylor

A lawyer's perspective on the industry's abuse problem

Toxic family notions, favoritism and lack of regulation all lead to abuse, says legal expert Siobhán Crawford

By Haydn Taylor

Tranzfuser in the time of Coronavirus

The pandemic throws up barriers and opportunities for the 27 graduate teams chasing UK Games Fund finance

By Haydn Taylor

PUBG Corporation invests $10m in venture capital firm

Player Unknown's Battlegrounds developer "looking to foster the next generation of video game developers around the world"

By Haydn Taylor

Game companies have claimed £444m in UK tax relief since 2014

1,375 games have claimed VGTR over the last six years, with UK expenditure reaching £3.7 billion

By Haydn Taylor

Paradox posts record Q2 revenue and profits

"We leave an operational as well as financially successful quarter behind us," says CEO

By Haydn Taylor

Tencent profits soar amid COVID-19 pandemic

Second quarter results testify to the "diligence of our teams and resilience of our business model" says Tencent CEO

By Haydn Taylor

Tim Sweeney: Apple has "gone crazy" over rev share approach

"Apple has no right to take any percent of any company's revenue just because they made the phone people use to access the stuff," says Epic Games founder

By Haydn Taylor

Loot boxes should be a consumer protection matter not a gambling one, says EU report

EU lacks authority to regulate gambling across member states but could tackle "problematic design features" from a different perspective

By Haydn Taylor

Google blocks anti-fascist game for containing references to Nazis

"Stores and platforms have to deal with hateful content, if reviewers took a closer look at Attentat 1942 for just a moment, they would find out we are not that," says developer

By Haydn Taylor

GDC Survey: One third of game businesses suffering decline amid COVID-19 pandemic

Decline is offset by similar numbers seeing business improve, but 25% of developers have been hit financially

By Haydn Taylor

Moderating the "marketplace of ideas" with user-made gaming platform Core

Manticore Games co-founder Frédéric Descamps discusses challenges and potential with new platform that promises to be YouTube of gaming

By Haydn Taylor

Huuuge Games acquires Dutch advertising startup

Mobile developer now has 11 international offices and over 600 staff

By Haydn Taylor

Researchers criticise whiteboard technical tests

Software engineer hiring practice discriminates against women, suggests study

By Haydn Taylor

Traplight closes €8m investment round

Finnish mobile dev to focus on live-service development of latest title, Battle Legion

By Haydn Taylor

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