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Sega's strong Q1 games performance erased by impact of COVID-19

Revenue from resorts, arcades and pachinko machines all plummeted as pandemic led to closure of public spaces

Sonic The Hedgehog film character design will change, says director

Jeff Fowler promises to overhaul Sonic's look following the negative response to the film's trailer

"Sega had a plan, to quietly become a powerhouse in PC publishing"

Relic Entertainment's Justin Dowdeswell on regaining stability after THQ's collapse, and the imminent launch of Dawn of War III

Sega has double standard for Puyo Puyo Tetris streaming

Japanese publisher issues rules for content creators featuring puzzle game; North American arm says they won't apply

Sega's games revenue up 13% after nine months

Football Manager 2017 drives Entertainment Contents division to $136m operating profit

Sega acquires Endless Legend developer Amplitude

Parisian outfit becomes part of Japanese publisher's growing PC portfolio

Sega returns to profit on cuts and streamlining

But revenue across Sega's games business was flat or in decline as new products failed to excite

Sega cuts full-year profit estimate by 90 per cent

Weak sales and product delays blamed as Sega lowers its revenue and profit forecasts for the second time this fiscal year

Sega misses lowered six-month profit forecast

Company is nevertheless back in the black despite a lack of major new releases

Sega Europe: "We're definitely on the right track"

Niche PC franchises and European dev talent is now the bedrock of Sega's games business, with Creative Assembly leading the charge

Sega lowers six month revenue forecast by 22 per cent

Taiyo subsidiary will offer "voluntary retirement" to 200 employees as part of restructuring effort

Sega narrows its losses in games in Q1

But the sluggish performance of its Pachinko business drags the company into the red

Sonic Dash passes 100 million downloads

Mobile title is the most downloaded Sonic game in history

Sega laments "weak" game sales even as hard numbers rise

Full-year unit sales up 41 per cent, Consumer revenue up 11 per cent, but Alien and Sonic failed to perform

Sega's mobile hits inspire a shift in strategy

With the publisher earning millions every month, the next fiscal year will see the rapid expansion of its mobile lineup

Sega Networks purchases Demiurge Studios

Minoru Iwaki tells that acquisition of Marvel Puzzle Quest studio, investments in Ignited Artists and Space Ape show it's serious about the West

Rising costs damage Sega's nine-month results

Consumer business profits tumbled despite Alien: Isolation's 1.76m sales, Sega now expects to make a loss this fiscal year

Alien: Isolation exceeds 1 million sales

Critically acclaimed survival horror title reaches the 1 million sold mark after launching last October

Sega looks to TV and film with new hire

Seasoned exec Evan Cholfin will develop projects based on Sega's IP portfolio

SEGA looking to settle Aliens lawsuit with $1.25m payout

Colonial Marines publisher wants out of class-action case


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