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Sega looks to TV and film with new hire

Seasoned exec Evan Cholfin will develop projects based on Sega's IP portfolio

Sega has hired a veteran TV producer to lead Stories International, a joint venture between the Japanese games publisher and the ad agency Hakuhodo DY Group.

According to Variety, Evan Cholfin will take the role of head of development and production after three years as an executive at Break Media.

Stories International, which was founded in 2011, has the rights to adapt Sega's IP library into content for film, television and digital platforms. In addition to exploring those opportunities, Cholfin will also be responsible for finding opportunities in Hollywood for Hakuhodo's brand clients.

"With his impeccable taste and experience developing and producing entertainment in nearly every format imaginable, Evan is the unique executive to revitalise and canonise our partners' brands by working with Hollywood to create stories that will last for centuries," said Tomoya Suzuki, CEO of Stories International, in a statement.

Game publishers seem increasingly interested in the commercial potential of their IP in other media. Right now, Ubisoft is the prime mover in this regard, with several high-profile film projects in production.

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