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Steam Link app rejected by Apple

Valve's appeal has been denied; Android version already in beta

Steam games warned for "pornographic content" have warnings dismissed, subject to re-review

HuniePop, Mutiny!!, and Kindred Spirits on the Roof developers report Valve's retraction, future status remains uncertain

Valve targets improved accessibility with SteamVR Input

New system will let users customise VR controls to better suit their personal needs

Valve advises sexualized anime-themed titles to censor content or be removed from Steam

HuniePop, Mutiny!!, Tropical Liquor and more received warnings today for "pornographic content"

SteamVR Input allows for accessibility, more controller support

The system, now in beta, lets users and developers create their own controller configurations

Valve offers bounties for Steam bug hunting

Developer and storefront owner has paid out over $108,000 in bounties so far

Campo Santo retains freedom, flexibility under Valve

Development on In the Valley of Gods will continue as before, but with more support

Steam services expand to mobile with new apps

Steam Link and Steam Video will launch in the coming months

SteamSpy creator develops new algorithm to keep service alive

"It's still possible that Valve will make another move to shutdown the service, but until that happens, SteamSpy will continue to operate," says Galyonkin

Nintendo, Valve, Sony, and EA reported in Norway for breaching European consumer law

Digital games "do not exist in a lawless vacuum" says Norwegian Consumer Council director of digital services

EA, Activision Blizzard, and Valve found in breach of Belgian gambling laws

Loot boxes in FIFA 18, Overwatch, and CS:GO violate gambling legislation, says Belgian Gaming Commission

Valve fined $3m over breach in Australian law with misleading Steam refund policy

UPDATE: Valve issues new consumer rights notice for Australia

SteamSpy creator warns PC market is once again open to abuse

“Imagine signing a basketball player without knowing his past performance,” posits Sergey Galyonkin

SteamSpy shutting down after Steam privacy update

Switch to default hidden game libraries cuts off primary source of tracker's data

Valve hasn't given up on Steam Machines

Company admits sales are slow, but says 'store delisting' is nothing more than routine cleanup

Valve open sources GameNetworkingSockets tech

"Basic transport layer for games" works on platforms other than PC, does not require Steam

HTC Vive announces price of Vive Pro at 799; cuts price of existing headset

Vive Pro will ship on April 5 and come with six-month Viveport Subscription

Valve quietly cracks down on Steam hate groups

Several Nazi and school shooter-themed groups deleted, but other toxic communities still remain

Valve introduces subscription model to Dota 2

$3.99 a month subscription "an evolution of the Majors Battle Pass" says Valve


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