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Valve temporarily halting new adult game releases on Steam

Company isn't approving updates or new games until planned filter is in place

Valve locks Counter-Strike loot boxes for Dutch and Belgian players

Steam item trading returns, but CS:GO's containers are now locked

Valve updates "Upcoming" tab on Steam to focus on user interests

Suggestions based on past purchases and pre-release interest will replace chronological listing

Steam Spy and the need for numbers

For indie developers in need of metrics Steam Spy is imperfect, "but the other option is absolutely nothing"

Team Fortress 2 leads as biggest player counts on Steam revealed

Developer method to calculate sales yields interesting results (before it was blocked)

Nintendo, Valve, Sony, and EA reported in Norway for breaching European consumer law

UPDATE: NCC reports Nintendo to German authorities after dropping other complaints

Valve quickly shuts down developer method for estimating Steam sales

Steam API suddenly altered after The End Is Nigh co-dev uses achievements data as SteamSpy alternative

Jurassic World already one of Steam's 2018 top sellers

Frontier's dino park management sim rubbing elbows with Grand Theft Auto 5, Far Cry 5 after less than a month on sale

End is Nigh dev uses achievement stats to determine Steam sales data

Tyler Glaiel offers code to Steam Spy to help improve sales tracker's accuracy

Valve working on something "better than Steam Spy"

"The only way that we can make money is if you make good decisions"

Valve disables CS:GO and DOTA 2 item trading in Netherlands after legal warning

“We still don't understand or agree with the [Dutch Gaming Authority's] legal conclusion," says Valve

Steam Creator Homepages enters beta

Feature allows developers and publishers to customize pages, users to follow favorite studios

Valve continues its fight against "fake games" on Steam

Games that haven't reached Steam's "confidence metric" will be restricted from user achievements and game counts

Valve to challenge Discord with overhauled Steam Chat

Friends lists, group chat and voice chat receive a raft of new features

Steam deprecating support for Windows Vista and XP

Support for Microsoft's operating systems will officially end on January 2, 2019

Valve launching Steam China with Perfect World

Partnership likely means leading PC marketplace will be free from the threat of long-rumoured government block

Steam Store to allow everything that isn't illegal or trolling

Company takes a laissez faire approach to curation, promises improved user filters instead

Steam "might have killed our business"

Developers behind mature visual novels describe the "chilling effect" of ad hoc game removals and Valve's radio silence

Valve removes school shooting game, along with developer's entire catalogue

Creator of Active Shooter identified as previously banned 'troll' developer Ata Berdiyev


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