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Valve's Steam Deck is now readily available for purchase

Platform holder still cautions that "production, processing, and shipping bandwidth is still finite"

Valve has announced that the Steam Deck is now readily available for purchase, this news comes a year after the handheld system was announced back in July 2021.

Months prior the platform holder said that pre-order wait times became shorter.

Last year, parts shortages and COVID-related factory closures prompted delays both to the system itself and accessories like the docking station.

Although the machine can now be purchased at any time, Value did explain that "production, processing, and shipping bandwidth is still finite."

"If order volume for a specific model of Steam Deck grows higher than our ability to ship it in a timely manner, delivery estimates will lengthen, and at a certain point we’ll flip back into reservation mode until we’re able to catch up" it said.

Additionally, the announcement noted that Valve started taking Steam Deck pre-orders in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

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