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Star Citizen crowdfunding passes $400m milestone

Cloud Imperium Games' title, which has been in alpha for nine years, now has over 3,3 million backers

Cloud Imperium to open Manchester studio

The new location will open its doors next year

Cloud Imperium receives ASA warning over “concept ships” in Star Citizen

Complaint criticises developer for marketing items that are not actually usable in-game

Star Citizen reaches $350m in crowdfunding after record 2020

Cloud Imperium's space franchise rumbles on despite absence of solid release dates

Star Citizen passes $300m in crowdfunding

Cloud Imperium's long in development project passed the milestone after an income spike in May

Cloud Imperium secures $17.25m in additional investment

Existing investors pour more finance into Star Citizen developer

Cloud Imperium responds to Crytek's attempt to dismiss its own lawsuit

Star Citizen developer maintains engine providers claim "is and always has been meritless"

Crytek seeks to dismiss its own Star Citizen lawsuit until Squadron 42 launches

Creator of CryEngine believes Star Citizen's single-player game will be delayed past June, moves for October trial

Star Citizen hits $250m raised through crowdfunding

Almost 2.5m players have now funded the game, which is closing in on $300m in total investment

Star Citizen development reportedly troubled by mishandled money, micromanagement

Cloud Imperium Games has raised $288 million so far over a nearly eight-year development, but the end still isn't in sight

Cloud Imperium secures $46m investment for Star Citizen

Funds raised will be spent on marketing both the main game and Squadron 42 single-player campaign

Cloud Imperium Games responds to Crytek suit

Star Citizen studio calls CryEngine maker's complaint misleading and scandalous, saying it "sacrifices legal sufficiency for loud publicity"

Star Citizen developers raised $34.9m in 2017

For the second year in a row, Star Citizen crowd-sourced more money than all games on Kickstarter combined

Crytek sues Star Citizen developers

Alleges Cloud Imperium is still using CryEngine, but studio will "defend vigourously" against "meritless lawsuit"

Star Citizen now offering to sell in-game land

The most successful crowdfunded game ever is asking players to spend more

The merits of Star Citizen's development openness

Chris Roberts and his team take a lot of flak for the delays to their ambitious game, but their openness has earned the forgiveness of core fans

Star Citizen reaches $100 million in funding

Cloud Imperium marks milestone by releasing the first "true slice" of Star Citizen - Alpha 2.0

Star Citizen had more crowd-funding in 2014 than all gaming Kickstarters combined

RSI banked $33m last year, compared to $20m for Kickstarter's video games

Star Citizen's starry cast includes Gary Oldman and Andy Serkis

CEO Chris Roberts takes a break from "the noise" to show the community where its money has gone

The Escapist faces possible legal action over Star Citizen exposť

Cloud Imperium has denied accusations of mishandling funds and workplace discrimination, claims unethical journalistic practice


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