Anita Sarkeesian: "No more excuses for the lack of women at E3"

The Feminist Frequency founder on the need for better representation, both with games characters and on-stage presenters

By James Batchelor

People Can Fly opens New York studio

Fourth location for Bulletstorm developer to be headed by former Defiant Studios co-founders

By Rebekah Valentine

"Women and men need to sponsor -- not mentor -- women in the industry"

DLC: A round of final GDC tidbits from Christina Seelye, Alex Nichiporchik, Clive Downie, and Timoni West

By Rebekah Valentine

Eight ways your games can inspire climate action

“I want to see games trade material growth for social growth,” says Fe designer and climate activist Hugo Bille

By Haydn Taylor to host David Braben keynote at Develop:Brighton 2019

Frontier Developments CEO will discuss the studio's 25-year history with our own Chris Dring

By James Batchelor

Gearbox names Borderlands 3 gun after fan with terminal cancer

Trevor Eastman was also able to play a section of the game ahead of its September launch

By James Batchelor

(Religious Game) Developer or Religious (Game Developer)?

DLC: Hypnospace Outlaw's Jay Tholen shares how faith influences his work, Double Fine talks about new consoles, and Eastshade's Danny Weinbaum says devs can stagnate in AAA

By Brendan Sinclair

YoYo Games closes publishing division

Also halves mobile licence cost in hopes of attracting more developers

By James Batchelor

Starbreeze lays off a quarter of its staff in further efforts to cut costs

Struggling Swedish publisher makes organisational changes that will save ú310,000 per month

By James Batchelor

Shenmue 3 delayed for the third time

Ys Net's highly anticipated sequel needs a "little more refinement," release slips from August to November

Google to reveal Stadia pricing information this week

More details on the streaming service's launch and games will arrive on Thursday

By Matthew Handrahan

Stillfront Group acquires Kixeye for $90m

Global studio group continues to grow portfolio with four live titles from mobile RTS developer

By Rebekah Valentine

Discovery launches Discovery Game Studios for licensing, distribution

Label has 12 games launched and more on the way in partnership with Ubisoft, Jam City, and others

By Rebekah Valentine

Coherence: "Lowering the barrier to entry has always proved to be a game changer"

Dino Patti on joining forces with Unity co-founder David Helgason and EA DICE veteran Peter Bj÷rklund to democratise online game development

By Matthew Handrahan

The balance between fact and fantasy when building game worlds

Croteam's Nika Dvoravic shares how studying architecture has -- and hasn't -- helped her work on Serious Sam

By James Batchelor

Next-gen consoles must not "segregate" Rainbow Six community

Ubisoft's Alexandre Remy wants to maintain one community for Rainbow Six Siege

By Matthew Handrahan

Online gaming disorder test calls for volunteers

Academics plan to use the data to further study the impact of newly-classified condition

By James Batchelor

Migration Advisory Committee recommends games roles be added to UK shortage list

Body calls for programmers, artists, producers, directors and more to be prioritised when considering immigration applications

By James Batchelor

G Into Gaming launches industry diversity charter

Campaign teams up with RightTrack Learning, calling on games firms to commit to diversifying their workforce

Failbetter Games' quest to eradicate crunch

Adam Myers and Hannah Flynn talk about making Sunless Skies with a dedication to ethical development practices

By Connor Makar

Bossa Studios to close Worlds Adrift in July

Ambitious MMO made with SpatialOS lasted one year in Early Access, but didn't find a big enough audience

By Matthew Handrahan

Starbreeze applies for second extension on reconstruction period

Troubled Swedish publisher wants another three months to get itself back on track

By James Batchelor

Gamescom expands to Asia in 2020

Four-day industry conference and games convention will be held in Singapore

By James Batchelor

Dauntless tops 6 million users a week after launch

Cross-platform Xbox One, PS4, and Epic Games Store title doubles player count from its PC open beta

Sony: Next PlayStation's success will depend on backwards compatibility and streaming

Both Remote Play and PlayStation Now will be key pillars for Sony's next generation offering

By James Batchelor

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