Hennig: "Things are clearly not working the way they used to"

Uncharted creative director says mass layoffs a red flag that AAA development must change, shift to outsourcing "feels inevitable"

By Brendan Sinclair

Paradox opens new California studio, Paradox Tectonic

Hires former EA exec Rod Humble to lead new internal development team

By James Batchelor

Cloud games tech firm Hadean raises 7m

Venture capital firm Draper Esprit leads round for London start-up

By Andy Robinson

"We're killing our capacity for creativity"

Twitter VP Bruce Daisley explains why checking emails outside of work and the misuse of open plan offices is creating so much stress

By James Batchelor

BrightLocker dissolved as devs claim unpaid debts

Holding company takes over community-building platform as developers say they haven't been paid money owed

By Brendan Sinclair

Nominations open for inaugural Develop:Star Awards

15 categories for developers to submit their works and studios to, deadline is Friday, March 29

Full crunch, no crunch, self-crunch: One developer's career and going solo

Developer Seth Rosen reflects on his experiences of crunch working on BioShock Infinite, Don't Starve Together and Mafia III

By Ryland Garnett

New studio Reworks opens, raises $1.5m in funding

Helsinki development team aims to challenge leaders in mobile customization game space

By Rebekah Valentine

Night in the Woods creators form worker cooperative The Glory Society

Scott Benson and Bethany Hockenberry join Wren Farren for new studio with "no bosses needed"

By Rebekah Valentine

From "schokly" licensed games to a critically acclaimed indie

Oxenfree co-director Sean Krankel on the collapse of shovelware and how it helped shape Night School Studio

By Haydn Taylor

PlayStation Japan signals imminent end to PS Vita shipments

Update: Sony confirms final Vita shipments, closing the book on its handheld ambitions

By Matthew Handrahan

Framed creator Joshua Boggs opens new studio

The New Zealand-based Studio MayDay is working on an unannounced RPG

By Haydn Taylor

Room 8 Group announces new independent co-development studio

Dragon's Lake Entertainment to focus on major console and PC title co-creation and support

By Rebekah Valentine

Digital distribution: A diagnosis for disruption

10 Years Ago This Month: Physical media falls out of favor, on-demand streaming becomes a thing, and the economy still drags

By Brendan Sinclair

Thunderful, Sold Out, Snail Games and join PAX East Investment Summit

More than 22 investors and publishers in the room looking for content at PAX East

By Christopher Dring

Average Nintendo Japan employee earns $80,000, works less than 8 hours per day

Platform holder's recruitment page also reveals average worker spends 13.5 years at the company

By James Batchelor

Dropbox's Angela Roseboro is Riot Games' first chief diversity officer

“I was so taken by the heart and soul of this company and - in spite of setbacks or hurdles - I'm excited to be part of this journey”

By James Batchelor

Horizon: Zero Dawn sells 10m copies worldwide

Guerilla Games managing director Hermen Hulst shares tidbits from development to celebrate milestone

Former Sledgehammer senior creative director launches Ascendant Studios

After working on Call of Duty, Dead Space, Bret Robbins has lofty ambitions to create his own triple-A title

By Rebekah Valentine

Duplication or innovation? How games become genres

Earthbound Games' Colin Anderson reflects on the rise of the FPS, the sandbox RPG and more

By Colin Anderson

Oculus Quest targets "quality-first" approach with more stringent store curation

Developers must have concept document approved before submitting games to Quest store

By Rebekah Valentine

Tencent set to unveil new cloud gaming service

Tencent Instant Play to bring cloud gaming to PC and Android, overview with Intel planned for GDC

By Rebekah Valentine

Demystifying the creation of games through Japanese woodblock prints

Haiku Adventure: The art exhibition exploring parallels between an ancient craft and modern game development

By Haydn Taylor

Lessons from Spider-Man

Creative director Bryan Intihar reflects on the highs and lows of making the PS4 hit, dealing with negativity, and adapting an icon

By Brendan Sinclair

Overkill's The Walking Dead officially cancelled

Update: 505 Games issues statement, still calls console version of game "postponed"

By Rebekah Valentine

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